The Limits of Security

It seems clear that the idea that security trumps all else has lost favor, at least on the continent.

Du you want more of this?

We here at the European Debate have no problem with informality…

Something Rotten in the State of Football

Clearly ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. They only way to prevent this kind of corruption, or at least curtail it is with strict enforcement. Admitting that there is a problem won’t diminish the sport but by ignoring it and allowing it to grow European football officials have allowed a stain to tarnish the continent’s favorite pastime.

Germany in Afghanistan

Afghanistan represents a kind of Rubicon, the question is whether Germany will cross it.

Twenty Years Later…

But we must of course examine and try to learn from history so we do not make the mistake of repeating it. Looking at the East German state and the way it used surveillance and informants should give us pause as our own governments seek to protect us in ways which may do more harm to our liberties than good.

Take our money, please!

Many Europeans see the government as a provider of essential services and that taxes are just part of our social obligation towards one another.

Time to Move to the Countryside?

While young people are leaving rural Europe in droves someone must tend to the wheat and the cows. In Germany they are doing their best to address the situation.

The Struggle to Remember

We will be talking a great deal more about the way Germans are dealing with their past this year and next as the twentieth anniversaries of the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification are celebrated. Both of these events were turning points in the creation of the Europe we see today and are worth exploring in depth.