Freedom Can’t be Free

This law would make life harder on many people without eliminating the problem it is meant to solve.

Trainspotters have reason to rejoice!

It seems some in the Nanny State ™ have actually found a way to balance security and freedom!

“Speaking to BJP, Ken Gibbs of Virgin Trains’ press office says that the poster campaign – Keep Us in the Picture – has been designed to welcome photography enthusiasts while reminding them of the company’s basic rules. It [...]

All for Laughs

A dressed-up pair of British TV presenters filming a segment for a children’s show say they were stopped by police and questioned under anti-terror law.

Last Call?

We are all for safety measures here at the European Debate but our question is what are the underlying issues resulting in the simple pint glass being turned into a weapon?

Faces of Fear

Projecting images of Britain’s most wanted.

Photographers Stand Up

It is great to see British citizens forcefully engaging their government about the need for a balance between liberty and security.

Standing up to the Nanny State!

The best way to ask the government for redress is to stand up and be counted.

In the Skies

An airplane is one of the safest places on Earth yet British Airways feels the need to try and protect already safe children, at the cost of personal dignity.

Take that Nanny State!

In any free society there must be a balance between freedom and security and the powers of the state must be held in check lest they run wild.

Banned in the U.K.?

A true democracy must be tolerant enough to withstand the challenges posed by those it likes least, in this case a group which was planning a march in a town which had been holding parades for returning troops.