Fighting for Their Rights!

Several dozen university students occupied a brewery near Gothenburg in western Sweden on Tuesday in their long-standing effort to convince the brewery to build a pipeline to carry beer to the students’ union.

The Ground Beneath Their Feet

We like to have a little fun on Fridays but hate to amuse ourselves at the expense of others.

Snow Bound

We’ve heard it was pretty cold in the United Kingdom last week.

Up in Smoke

Just goes to show that sometimes you don’t know who you can trust!

It’s hard to be Silvio

Whether or not you love or hate the Italian Prime Minister the fact that someone felt like they had to resort to violence to get their message across is a troubling sign of where Italian politics are at.

Lost and Found in London

We all know London is one of the most expensive cities in the world but it seems like its residents are inadvertently making it even more pricey.

The Way of the Cross

While many put this debate more in the context of culture than in religion the court seems to agree with the idea that the cross is too strong of a symbol to be endorsed by the state. It is just as deplorable that in a country like France personal symbols of faith, whether they be crosses or headscarves are also banned in schools. The difference of course is that one is personal and the other is sponsored by the state.

Pool Party!

Casual Fridays continue with a story from Austria which might just make it the top tourist destination this season, at least among beer lovers…

“Austrian beer lovers are being given the opportunity to swim in a pool of their favourite drink.

“Spa owners in Starkenberg, Austria are filling three pools with 42,000 pints of lager, [...]

The Right to Surf

Bonus Saturday edition

Why does Finland rock? Because they’ve passed a law guaranteeing their citizens access to broadband internet, that’s why! The first nation to do so as well as the inventors of the sauna, what is not to like about our Nordic friends?

Too much of a free thing?

German culture may be rigid in so many ways but they certainly love their nudity, as we learn from

“Plans to offer free entry to the rock musical Naked to audience members who turn up in the nude at the Musical Theatre Bremen were scrapped on Friday due to overwhelming demand.

“The theatre had made the [...]