Zoom, Zoom

While high speed rail has been a fact of life in Germany and France for a generation it is slowly making inroads elsewhere in Europe as we learn from the New York Times.

“Since a high-end, high-speed rail connection between Barcelona and Madrid opened in 2008, a 325-mile journey that takes about 6 hours by car [...]

We’ll be back in a Moment

Quite the contrary this is a great example of who things rarely go smoothly at first but must constantly be tweaked and reexamined, must like the project of Europe itself

Let Freedome Ring?

The E.U. is not just about trade and mobility; it is also about rights and common standards. For some in Poland this is sure to be fodder for extremism.

The Limits of Security

It seems clear that the idea that security trumps all else has lost favor, at least on the continent.

Freedom Can’t be Free

This law would make life harder on many people without eliminating the problem it is meant to solve.

A delicate balance

This is exactly the kind of behavior that those on the far right in places like Austria and France warn of and it is sad to see their fears realized even if it is an exception to the rule. Those who practice Islam must, as those who practice any religion, respect the freedom that those who live among them have. The whole point of religious freedom, which is part of the bedrock of democracy, is that people can live as they see fit.

Safe, but for how long?

This very scenario, in which a poor member nation threatens to default on its debts, is one that Euro-skeptics warned of so many years ago. But it seems like the big brothers of the Euro zone, Germany and France, have agreed to step in, as they should.

Managing Waistlines

But in reality obesity is a major killer and the cost to the public, through medical costs, is substantial.

A Female Friendly Boardroom?

Will this proposed law have the intended effect or just make women tokens and second class citizens? What do you think?

Protect US from Ourselves

We don’t like offensive speech anymore than the next person, but government should not outlaw speech it considers offensive.