Fear of a Falling Pound

Until European governments begin not only to act, but to plan, in concert this period of instability may return again and again.

Let Freedome Ring?

The E.U. is not just about trade and mobility; it is also about rights and common standards. For some in Poland this is sure to be fodder for extremism.

Freedom Can’t be Free

This law would make life harder on many people without eliminating the problem it is meant to solve.

Safe, but for how long?

This very scenario, in which a poor member nation threatens to default on its debts, is one that Euro-skeptics warned of so many years ago. But it seems like the big brothers of the Euro zone, Germany and France, have agreed to step in, as they should.

Not in My Backyard

Apparently only about 2,000 women in the whole country wear the full veil so does the president protest too much? We think so. While we are in full support of women’s rights and equality aren’t there better ways to promote the issue, especially among the group that is being targeted?

What to Wear

In reality the headscarf, like minarets in Switzerland, is nothing but a strawman that advocates of intolerance can use to rationalize their prejudices. In a free society like France it should be up to each young woman to decide how she presents herself. Some, for religious or cultural reasons, choose the headscarf, others do not.

Photographers Stand Up

It is great to see British citizens forcefully engaging their government about the need for a balance between liberty and security.

Protect US from Ourselves

We don’t like offensive speech anymore than the next person, but government should not outlaw speech it considers offensive.

The Right to Offend

Clearly the European Union needs a clear and solid law protecting speech, much like the United States has its First Amendment.

New Year, New Start?

Can the European Union continue to survive as a loose confederation or will there be a real fork in the road where its members decided they can accomplish more together than they can as separate states?