Managing Waistlines

But in reality obesity is a major killer and the cost to the public, through medical costs, is substantial.

Spare a Few Million Euros?

Clearly Europe has a tradition of government support of the arts which it should preserve but as budgets are in decline perhaps institutions should begin to get more creative and diversify their revenue sources, after all, should some mid level functionary in the Ministry of Arts really have so much sway over the future of those who protect Europe’s cultural heritage?

The Imagery of Discontent

The power of images to shape the way we perceive the world around us can be used for many different ends. These images can bring us together or in the examples we see hear tear us apart.

A Female Friendly Boardroom?

Will this proposed law have the intended effect or just make women tokens and second class citizens? What do you think?

How French is French Enough?

Now that these tougher standards are affecting people who are not the sons of immigrants but who consider themselves traditionally French people are starting to take note.

A Tall Order

Ever wonder how the built Zeppelins? With ladders, tall ones…

Banned in the U.K.?

A true democracy must be tolerant enough to withstand the challenges posed by those it likes least, in this case a group which was planning a march in a town which had been holding parades for returning troops.

The European Example

Do you feel like the tradeoff between taxes and services is balanced where you live? Would you like more of one or less of the other?

The Right to Offend

Clearly the European Union needs a clear and solid law protecting speech, much like the United States has its First Amendment.

New Year, New Start?

Can the European Union continue to survive as a loose confederation or will there be a real fork in the road where its members decided they can accomplish more together than they can as separate states?