Wither the Union?

Europeans, as well as their leaders, must ask the hard questions about what they want and what they are willing to sacrifice to get it. Smaller nations like Greece must join the 21st century (that means actually paying taxes and reigning in budget deficits) and nations like Germany must accept the fact that their status means that they have to help out when the going gets rough and not just threaten to ditch their responsibilities.

We’ll be Back

Just wanted to let you know we’re taking some much needed down time but we will be back next week feeling refreshed! Until then….

A delicate balance

This is exactly the kind of behavior that those on the far right in places like Austria and France warn of and it is sad to see their fears realized even if it is an exception to the rule. Those who practice Islam must, as those who practice any religion, respect the freedom that those who live among them have. The whole point of religious freedom, which is part of the bedrock of democracy, is that people can live as they see fit.

The Ground Beneath Their Feet

We like to have a little fun on Fridays but hate to amuse ourselves at the expense of others.

Spare a Few Million Euros?

Clearly Europe has a tradition of government support of the arts which it should preserve but as budgets are in decline perhaps institutions should begin to get more creative and diversify their revenue sources, after all, should some mid level functionary in the Ministry of Arts really have so much sway over the future of those who protect Europe’s cultural heritage?

A Tall Order

Ever wonder how the built Zeppelins? With ladders, tall ones…

Take that Nanny State!

In any free society there must be a balance between freedom and security and the powers of the state must be held in check lest they run wild.

Protect US from Ourselves

We don’t like offensive speech anymore than the next person, but government should not outlaw speech it considers offensive.

Finding Profits in Bottles

Keeping employees happy while turning a tidy profit

New Year, New Start?

Can the European Union continue to survive as a loose confederation or will there be a real fork in the road where its members decided they can accomplish more together than they can as separate states?