Lingua Franca

You know we love our comments here and it seems like we struck a nerve on Tuesday with our posting about Esperanto. Several people chimed in:

“Esperanto is already a “grass roots” movement in that dozens of events take place each year at which Esperanto is the communal language. It brings together people from different language [...]

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We here at The European love your comments. We have a short but well put one from our post on Monday:

Bill Chapman

I should like to see more use made of Esperanto as a lingua franca for European co-operation. It is, of course, not the native language of any EU member.

We’ve tried to learn Esperanto [...]

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It’s nice to know that at least a few people are reading The European Debate. Last week we had an excellent comment by a reader on the light bulb debate:

peter in dublin wrote:

Taxation on Light bulbs

Yes, good point about the taxation alternative.

It is very much a mystery to me why this was not considered:
In particular [...]