Death be not proud

Immigration is one of the core challenges that Europe faces but an honest discussion about the need for immigrant labor, and the rights these migrants should have, has not been started. Most Europeans can only see what migrants take, not what they add and unscrupulous politicians only seek to fame the flames of unrest. Until Europeans begin to recognize their role in deaths like the one noted above they will continue to occur.

Personal Impact

Immigration isn’t just some abstract idea and immigrants aren’t simply the “other.” Every day real people, mothers, fathers and children are risking their lives to achieve the better life that most of us take for granted.

Not in My Backyard

Apparently only about 2,000 women in the whole country wear the full veil so does the president protest too much? We think so. While we are in full support of women’s rights and equality aren’t there better ways to promote the issue, especially among the group that is being targeted?

What to Wear

In reality the headscarf, like minarets in Switzerland, is nothing but a strawman that advocates of intolerance can use to rationalize their prejudices. In a free society like France it should be up to each young woman to decide how she presents herself. Some, for religious or cultural reasons, choose the headscarf, others do not.

The Imagery of Discontent

The power of images to shape the way we perceive the world around us can be used for many different ends. These images can bring us together or in the examples we see hear tear us apart.

How French is French Enough?

Now that these tougher standards are affecting people who are not the sons of immigrants but who consider themselves traditionally French people are starting to take note.

A Wakeup Call?

Islam has become a stand in for immigration of all stripes. Ban the mosques and take a stand goes this train of thought. Most of Europe’s immigrants, whether they be Muslim or not, desperately want to be part of European society. As someone who works with asylum seekers once told us “you don’t travel thousands of kilometers and leave everything behind if you don’t want to integrate.”

Talking it Out

We will be off tomorrow but please take the time to read this great interview with journalist and author Christopher Caldwell at Der Spiegel about immigration, Islam and Europe.

“But the real issue is not the size of the immigrant population. It is that their culture needs to be accommodated within Europe in a way that [...]

They are Ruining Everything

Surprising attitudes towards immigration in the U.K.

Remember Your Place

Perhaps France’s leaders need to do more to promote Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity) in all sections of French society so that immigrants and their descendants don’t feel the need to maintain old traditions but encouraged to embrace new ones?