The Troubles We’ve Seen

This incident does not of course mean that The Troubles have come back, but it is a worrying sign that there is still a die hard minority that refuses to accept that the fight is over. At the same time this is also most likely a sign that the pace of progress in Northern Ireland is not what it should be. The people of this land deserve the chance to settle their future one way or the other

Wrong Location, Bad Idea

Photoshoot gone wrong…

Through a Mirror, Darkly…

All too often people are not just marginalized socially but visually as well. When we look at our magazine covers or turn on the evening news report we see ourselves, or at least the popular representation of ourselves.

What, no Boom?

The $9 billion price tag is a small price to pay for expanding the limits of our knowledge.

Something Rotten in the State of Football

Clearly ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. They only way to prevent this kind of corruption, or at least curtail it is with strict enforcement. Admitting that there is a problem won’t diminish the sport but by ignoring it and allowing it to grow European football officials have allowed a stain to tarnish the continent’s favorite pastime.

Hail to the Chief!

Perhaps the symbolism of selecting a man whose nation, while home to the seat of the European Union, could not form a government for over a year was lost on Europe’s leaders as they selected the first president of the European Union.

Ever feel like a rat on a wheel?

So many people complain that their lives are nothing more than running around in a cage, now I guess those who feel as though they are missing out have a chance to live their dreams!

Germany in Afghanistan

Afghanistan represents a kind of Rubicon, the question is whether Germany will cross it.

A call for reason

As extreme as this case may be it is a good example of why mobile phone charges need to be brought in line. This is the one of the last examples of the old way of thinking about Europe’s borders.

Land of the Lost

Where the hotties ain’t…