Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

A Wakeup Call?

Islam has become a stand in for immigration of all stripes. Ban the mosques and take a stand goes this train of thought. Most of Europe’s immigrants, whether they be Muslim or not, desperately want to be part of European society. As someone who works with asylum seekers once told us “you don’t travel thousands of kilometers and leave everything behind if you don’t want to integrate.”

Lovely Lights

Things are a bit slow during the holiday season so take some time to reflect on natures beauty with the great video…

The Times are a Changing

As liberal as much of western Europe is, one area where the E.U. is noticeably weak is in its laws protecting freedom of speech. Britain’s libel laws are one of the most egregious examples.

Talking it Out

We will be off tomorrow but please take the time to read this great interview with journalist and author Christopher Caldwell at Der Spiegel about immigration, Islam and Europe.

“But the real issue is not the size of the immigrant population. It is that their culture needs to be accommodated within Europe in a way that [...]

They are Ruining Everything

Surprising attitudes towards immigration in the U.K.

A Not so Merry Christmas

Given the depths of the current economic crisis this populist measure, which is also being copied in France, will no doubt make many people happy.

Remember Your Place

Perhaps France’s leaders need to do more to promote Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity) in all sections of French society so that immigrants and their descendants don’t feel the need to maintain old traditions but encouraged to embrace new ones?

I.D. Please!

A little more on the plight of photographers in the UK…

In a statement released to Amateur Photographer this afternoon, City of London Police said: ‘Photographers should carry identification where possible and be prepared to answer questions about why they are taking photographs, if they are asked.’

The advice adds: ‘Police and security officers have a duty [...]

Sticking their Tongues Out

Now this is exactly what art should be doing, pushing boundaries and questioning authority. Bravo!