We’ll be Back

Just wanted to let you know we’re taking some much needed down time but we will be back next week feeling refreshed! Until then….

A delicate balance

This is exactly the kind of behavior that those on the far right in places like Austria and France warn of and it is sad to see their fears realized even if it is an exception to the rule. Those who practice Islam must, as those who practice any religion, respect the freedom that those who live among them have. The whole point of religious freedom, which is part of the bedrock of democracy, is that people can live as they see fit.

Trainspotters have reason to rejoice!

It seems some in the Nanny State ™ have actually found a way to balance security and freedom!

“Speaking to BJP, Ken Gibbs of Virgin Trains’ press office says that the poster campaign – Keep Us in the Picture – has been designed to welcome photography enthusiasts while reminding them of the company’s basic rules. It [...]

Personal Impact

Immigration isn’t just some abstract idea and immigrants aren’t simply the “other.” Every day real people, mothers, fathers and children are risking their lives to achieve the better life that most of us take for granted.

All for Laughs

A dressed-up pair of British TV presenters filming a segment for a children’s show say they were stopped by police and questioned under anti-terror law.

Safe, but for how long?

This very scenario, in which a poor member nation threatens to default on its debts, is one that Euro-skeptics warned of so many years ago. But it seems like the big brothers of the Euro zone, Germany and France, have agreed to step in, as they should.

Last Call?

We are all for safety measures here at the European Debate but our question is what are the underlying issues resulting in the simple pint glass being turned into a weapon?

Fighting for Their Rights!

Several dozen university students occupied a brewery near Gothenburg in western Sweden on Tuesday in their long-standing effort to convince the brewery to build a pipeline to carry beer to the students’ union.

Managing Waistlines

But in reality obesity is a major killer and the cost to the public, through medical costs, is substantial.

Not in My Backyard

Apparently only about 2,000 women in the whole country wear the full veil so does the president protest too much? We think so. While we are in full support of women’s rights and equality aren’t there better ways to promote the issue, especially among the group that is being targeted?