Death be not proud

Immigration is one of the core challenges that Europe faces but an honest discussion about the need for immigrant labor, and the rights these migrants should have, has not been started. Most Europeans can only see what migrants take, not what they add and unscrupulous politicians only seek to fame the flames of unrest. Until Europeans begin to recognize their role in deaths like the one noted above they will continue to occur.

Wither the Union?

Europeans, as well as their leaders, must ask the hard questions about what they want and what they are willing to sacrifice to get it. Smaller nations like Greece must join the 21st century (that means actually paying taxes and reigning in budget deficits) and nations like Germany must accept the fact that their status means that they have to help out when the going gets rough and not just threaten to ditch their responsibilities.

Zoom, Zoom

While high speed rail has been a fact of life in Germany and France for a generation it is slowly making inroads elsewhere in Europe as we learn from the New York Times.

“Since a high-end, high-speed rail connection between Barcelona and Madrid opened in 2008, a 325-mile journey that takes about 6 hours by car [...]

We’ll be back in a Moment

Quite the contrary this is a great example of who things rarely go smoothly at first but must constantly be tweaked and reexamined, must like the project of Europe itself

Fear of a Falling Pound

Until European governments begin not only to act, but to plan, in concert this period of instability may return again and again.

Let Freedome Ring?

The E.U. is not just about trade and mobility; it is also about rights and common standards. For some in Poland this is sure to be fodder for extremism.

The Limits of Security

It seems clear that the idea that security trumps all else has lost favor, at least on the continent.

Freedom Can’t be Free

This law would make life harder on many people without eliminating the problem it is meant to solve.