A call for reason

Last week we were hoping for some harmony when it comes to pan European mobile phone rates. Well we’ve discovered one man in France who wants it even more…

A man living near the Belgian border was sent a massive bill by his mobile phone provider. Orange told the cafe owner at first that he had exceeded the data limit for his 3G flat rate, but then admitted he may have been accessing the Web via Belgium.

“When Eric Gernez signed up for a new 3G Internet and mobile phone package in August, he thought the flat rate of €95 ($142) a month was a pretty good deal — until he received a bill for almost €46,000 ($68,000).”

As extreme as this case may be it is a good example of why mobile phone charges need to be brought in line. This is the one of the last examples of the old way of thinking about Europe’s borders. We know that if mobile phone carriers wanted to they could bring down roaming rates. But it seems like it will take a serious nudge by the European Commission before five figure phone bills become a thing of the past…

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