Something Rotten in the State of Football

Of all the sports gripped by scandal over the past few years football (or soccer as it in known only in America) has largely been able to avoid the taint of controversy (well, except for that France-Ireland game last week). A much bigger problem than a missed call emerged late last week however…

“Events in Bochum on Friday killed that hope. There, at police headquarters in the heart of the industrial Ruhr Valley, law enforcement officials announced that 15 suspects in Germany and two in Switzerland were under arrest. This, apparently, is the tip of an iceberg. The police claim they have evidence implicating the corrupting of some 200 professional matches across nine central European countries during 2009 alone.”

Clearly ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. They only way to prevent this kind of corruption, or at least curtail it is with strict enforcement. Admitting that there is a problem won’t diminish the sport but by ignoring it and allowing it to grow European football officials have allowed a stain to tarnish the continent’s favorite pastime.

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