The Troubles We’ve Seen

Anyone who thinks that the past can remain buried, at least here in Europe, is deceiving themselves. In Northern Ireland the past is very much as we learn from the Associated Press via the Washington Post.

“Irish Republican Army dissidents left a 400-pound (180-kilogram) car bomb outside police reform headquarters in Belfast but the homemade device failed to detonate, Northern Ireland’s police commander said Sunday.”

This incident does not of course mean that The Troubles have come back, but it is a worrying sign that there is still a die-hard minority that refuses to accept that the fight is over. At the same time this is also most likely a sign that the pace of progress in Northern Ireland is not what it should be. The people of this land deserve the chance to settle their future one way or the other. A way must be found to make those who still believe violence is the best method to achieve political aims realize that they are jeopardizing their future, along with that of their friends and neighbors.

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