Death be not proud

An unremarkable death.

“A Nigerian man who was being sent back to Nigeria on a special repatriation flight died at Zurich Airport Wednesday night 17 March, under circumstances that the police and federal authorities have not made clear. An investigation into his death has been opened and Bern announced Thursday that all such special flights are cancelled until further notice.”

Each day thousands, if not tens of thousands of asylum seekers languish in detention centers around the European Union, waiting for their cases to be resolved. Most wait in vain for a flight back home, even if that means near certain death. They work in Europe’s kitchens, on its streets and in its homes but have few if any rights.

Immigration is one of the core challenges that Europe faces but an honest discussion about the need for immigrant labor, and the rights these migrants should have, has not been started. Most Europeans can only see what migrants take, not what they add and unscrupulous politicians only seek to fame the flames of unrest. Until Europeans begin to recognize their role in deaths like the one noted above they will continue to occur.

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